Friday, February 20, 2009

To Mom

You are so special to me. 
You bring so much joy to my life. 
I can't imagine what it would be like if you were not around. 
Only by the grace of God can I enjoy your precious friendship.
How was I so blessed?
How was I so blessed?
You mean more than the world to me. 
You've shown there is more to life than greed though all you've given me. 
I'll try my best to always be there for you cause that is what you've done for me. 
It won't always be easy. 
Sometimes it's give and take,
but I'll do my best to take less than I give. 

Love you Mom my friend's from the band Slick Shoes wrote this song and it always reminds me of you when I listen to it. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the core

Where's the core of your life? Is it your family, your job, your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, or is it just yourself. I've been asking the same question about myself lately. And I've concluded that it's become my everyday struggles. Seems weird I know. I let my thinking of my personal/ monetary lacking become the center of my life. Yes it's true. I don't believe that I have that much by today's standards, one might argue that I have more than a lot of people have in this world and that i should be more grateful  . But then again I know personally what it's like to sleep on the streets at night and to go days without eating as a child. And to top it of my biological mom was a prostitute and a drug addict. You could say that I've seen it all. I'm also the son of a King and I should only want to have more and the best of it. But  how does one gauge what's needed and what's not.. Possessions doesn't necessarily make the individual but the heart does. The heart is the core to us all. And it's exactly what Jesus wants of us, it's to have our hearts. The heart is a well of love and adoration for life and the things that God has in store for us. It also contains a passion for the things of this world. The things that people hold dear the most ,for the most part hold to their hearts. On the flip side the heart can be a means of hatred,evil and shallowness. Many people's hearts become hard and bitter for God because of our lack of understanding for the things that he's doing in our lives. Or just cold to new ideas and means of reaching the world for Jesus.  Remember that when God prunes/cuts the branch it's so that it blossoms two fold. How can God work through you if your heart is cold and hardened to him and the new things that he wants to do through new mediums? It's time to open the eyes of your heart to the new things that God is doing in today's world. Who are we to question what God is doing? Who are we to question the new church in town, the new person at the church, the different song on the radio, the new "NEW".... Isn't what Jesus did on the cross enough for us to say that everyone is good enough for him no matter what they bring to the table? What was at the core of his heart when at the cross? "US"  then why shouldn't we have him at the core of our hearts now? What's your core?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new rugged cross

I love design and anything having to do with art. And I'm thankful that God has given me the ability to create new things and designs. This is my interpretation as to how i see the cross. A new cross that represents a new beginning with Christ, an everyday beginning. Thank you Jesus for your love and the cross.   John 3:16

praying and waiting

i've been doing alot of praying and waiting lately. And i've realized that God wants us to wait sometimes not just for the sake of waiting but in order to know what his will truly is. To give us a a chance to look at Jesus and see if we're really  showing a reflection of him. I've seen that I have not forgiven people in the past that have done me wrong or that have left me out to dry or that just didn't put in any effort to getting to me. I know that people are more busy now a days and have a ton of things on their minds. But what if we gave someone a little more time to converse a little more attention here and there. I think that I've cheated a lot of people like that so Im trying to forgive myself as I forgive others. Im trying to lose some weight of the things that should have been done at sometime but didn't quite get around to do it. We can't possibly get to know God better if we're holding baggage from our past. And we can't move forward in our life if we don't forgive and forget. If you imagine yourself looking at God and the blessings that he desires to put in your life, you can't possibly be looking back at the past and expect the blessing to come to you. Looking back gives the devil a stronghold in your life and he loves it when this is the case. Keep your eyes on God and tell satan to get behind you.